Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team – Now Available on GooglePlay and App Store


KLab has announced the launch of the English version of Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. Players who are interested in the game can now download it from your local App or Play Store. Are you ready to Kick-off?

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is a strategic Football (Soccer) management game played in today’s Mobile Gacha games format. Players will collect characters from the Captain Tsubasa title and build your own football club.

Since this is a game based on the popular Manga Captain Tsubasa created in 1981, some of us might have already forgotten the story or the new generations (like me) might have heard of it but do not know the story. Fret not as the game provides a Story Mode which help to recap all the important highlights of the original Manga.


The game’s “combat” or gameplay resembles most soccer management game. However, you can control your player’s movements or key decision making moments called “Matchups”. During a “Matchup”, you’ll need to decide whether to shoot, pass or dribble the ball when attacking, or block, intercept or tackle during defense. This is similar to the rock, scissors, paper mechanic that decides who wins the ball. Of course, if your players are better stat than your opponent’s, the chance of winning the ball is definitely higher.

There are tons of launch events and promotions happening right now in the game so hurry up and make your own Football club! I’ll be waiting for you on the pitch!

KLab Inc.


Android Link
iOS Link


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