Chicken Jump: Crazy Traffic – Brand New Party Game


Playdigious has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Chicken Jump: Crazy Traffic. After several weeks of soft launch on iTunes and an Early-Access on the Playstore, the game is finally ready to release worldwide.

Chicken Jump is an easy to grab and funny party game set in a town like no other, in which residents celebrate by jumping over waves of wacky traffic. Avoid being crushed as long as you can by jumping at the right time and get the highest score in town to impress your friends!

You can also play locally on the same device, up to 8 players. Although it may scratch a bit.

There are several modes to pick from: Free for All, TvT, Basket Boom, Heaven vs Hell and even a solo mode for those of you who want to perfect our skills before going to battle..



Android Link
iOS Link



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