Cosmos Rings – The First RPG on Apple Watch


Square Enix has announced yesterday (20 July) that they will be launching a new RPG, Cosmos Rings, exclusive to the Apple Watch. The game is slated to release globally this Summer!

Lead by Takehiro Ando, the man behind Chaos Rings, the game relies on Apple Watch’s pedometer function to produce different scenarios.

kbp_cosmosring_pic1 kbp_cosmosring_pic4 kbp_cosmosring_pic3 kbp_cosmosring_pic2

The gist of the game’s plot is to save the Goddess of Time and restore “Time” to the world. Players will have to face different monsters which is in correlation to the number of steps you walked in the real world.

kbp_cosmosring_pic5 kbp_cosmosring_pic6

For more information on the game, you can follow their official website or for more!


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