Crystal of Re:union – Now Available in Southeast Asia and Oceania Regions


gumi has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Crystal of Re:union. Starting from October 3rd, iOS and Android players in a host of territories in the Southeast Asia and Oceania regions can now download and play the game.

A highly strategic kingdom building fantasy game developed by Orange Cube Inc. and gumi Inc., Crystal of Re:union is set in the magnificent world of Midgard where players take on the role of King aided by a legendary hero of choice. The game features:

  • Authentic Japanese Strategy RPG Elements
  • Real-time Strategic Battles
    Lead your armies on defensive and offensive battles against fellow players. Harvest and colonize the lands, climb to the highest of thrones and fulfill your fantasy to be the most powerful ruling conqueror of the world!
  • Tactical Kingdom Building
    Have absolute authority over your kingdom! Conduct research, grow resources, train your armies, construct and fortify various infrastructures to advance your own invincible kingdom.
  • A Captivating Cast of Characters and Legendary Heroes, brought to life by popular voice talents:Yoko Hikasa, Tomokazu Sugita, Rina Hidaka, Takehito Koyasu, Miyuki Sawashiro, Akira Ishida, Mamiko Noto, Yuichi Nakamura, Yui Horie, Hikaru Midorikawa, Ami Koshimizu and more!
  • Ability to Wage Wars or Form Alliances
    Carry out reconnaissance missions and interact with players worldwide in multiple languages using the in-game chat function to ally with friends to build your empire, or gather intel about your enemies – it makes all the difference!
  • Epic Battles with Innumerable Monsters
    Explore the magical world and fight a multitude of ferocious monsters and mythical entities, from dragons, vampires, banshees to medusas, griffins and minotaurs!
  • Customization of Hero’s Abilities
    Unlock your hero’s best potential by learning their ultimate skills! Collect materials to craft or upgrade your equipment and slot in cards for additional status boosts.
  • Rich Content and Regular Rewarding Events
    Uncover each character’s own unique personality and backstory as you progress, and experience and explore the world through your hero’s unique story.

Participate in rewarding competitive and cooperative events that grants wishes to the champion, the highest honor to the player or alliance with the best rankings, and more!

The official launch also coincides with the Heroes’ and Gods’ Autumn: Night of the Full Moon Over the Seafestivities, where players can partake the following events:

  • Changé Limited Time Challenge (Until October 15th)
  • The Goddess’ Mid-Autumn Wish (October 4th to October 5th)
  • Hunt for the Golden Golems (October 4th to October 5th)
  • Autumn Festival Celebration Login Bonus (October 4th to October 24th)

Players can also look forward to the Halloween celebratory events that are lined up next month!


  1. It’s a typical builder mobile game, which isn’t bad but I hate the p2w instant build options and the ability to buy material from the CS. Guess it’s a pass for me and I’ll be sticking with their other game the alchemist existence

    • Yeah, same here. At first I thought it was an RPG that has city builder elements, only to find out it’s vice versa.

      It’s a shame since I really like the art. The gameplay however is too similar to any other P2W city builder trash.


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