Dark Sword 2 – Official Launch


NANOO COMPANY Inc. has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Dark Sword 2. Players who are interested in the game can now download it from your local App or Play Store.

Dark Sword 2 is a side-scroller Hack’n’Slash ARPG. This is the sequel to the Dark Sword series which was first launched in 2016. In the first game the main character is a male clad with huge body armor while this new version is made up of 4 Waifus.

Dark Sword 2 retains the original shadow-ish silhouette art-style. However this time, it seems that the characters are giving more skills to cast in the game. Based on the game’s trailer, we can see that there are at least 8 different skill buttons including the “normal attack” button for each character. This is definitely something not common for an ARPG.

New System Features in ‘Dark Sword 2’
▶ Fatima System: Become more powerful by upgrading AI, Weapons, Skills, Plugins, Insignia, and Battle Gears.
▶ Impossible Missions: Play co-op missions with Fatima squads and get powerful rewards.
▶ Equipment Craft System: Acquire the desired crafted equipment tier by selecting the amount of input material to adjust the probability.
▶ Plugins: Increase Fatima’s performance by combining various plugin shapes on the plugin board.
▶ Squad System: Build a 3-member squad and make sure the compatibility between them stays optimal.

Nanoo Company Inc.


Android Link
iOS Link



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