Digimon Linkz


Bandai Namco has announced the launch of Digimon Linkz! The game is available now on Japan’s Google Play Store and Apple’s iTunes. Read on to find out more!

Digimon Linkz is basically a “monster breeding game” based on Digimon. It has a city-building element where Players will breed, grow and strengthen your Digimons in your “farm”.  Each building in your farm has different functions that can help strengthen your Digimons.


Digimon Linkz is also a Turn-based RPG similar to it’s predecessors. Players can form a party of 3 Digimon and engage in a 3v3 battle. Apparently, this is one of those rare JMobile games where there are no rarity indicators for your Digimon. That doesn’t mean that there are no tier levels among the different Digimon. It simply means that Players will really have to be familiar with the Digimon world in order to know which Digimon is a keeper or while others will be used for decoration purposes.


As of now… I’m really trying hard to reroll for my Agumon so catch you guys ingame!

Here’s a short gameplay video:

Bandai Namco


Android_App_Store_Logo apple-store-logo


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