DOTA Underlords – Open Beta Begins


Valve has announced the Open Beta Test for their very own Auto Chess game, DOTA Underlords. Players who are interested in the game can now download it on the App Store, Play Store or Steam(PC).

If you have played any of the auto chess games, Valve’s version of the auto chess genre is almost exactly the same thus it is very easy for Players to pick up. Graphics aside, the other noticeable difference is that during the loot phase, you will always be guaranteed a loot instead of it being random dropped.

Currently, the plan is for it to remain in early access for “a few months” before it launches fully with more Underlord characters, ranked play and seasonal changes. Till then, this is a good time to be familiar with game and hone your auto chess skills!

PS: Did I forget to mention it supports cross-platform play?



Android Link
iOS Link


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