Dragalia Lost Event 1 – Loyalty’s Requiem


All you need to know about the event!

Loyalty’s Requiem
Duration 10/4 (Thu) 15: 00 ~ 10/15 (Monday) 14: 59 JPT
New Characters Lily Celliera Orsem Zace
New Dragons Leviathan Pele
New Wyrmprints Crystalian Envoy Tough Love The Warrioresses Crown of Yore


Event Guide

  • Celliera will join your party temporarily throughout event period.
  • Max out her Friendship level (500) and she will join you permanently.
  • Celliera MUST BE in your party to gain FP.
  • Friendship Points Gain is based on Stamina spent.
Quest Stamina Consumed Friendship Points Gain
Raid Quest X 2X
All other Events/Quest X X


  • You will gain 2 times Friendship Points if stamina is spent in Raid Quest.
  • Defeat Archeole and collect Otherworld Fragments.
  • Use Otherworld Fragments to challenge the Raid Boss, Phraeganoth.

Boss Fights

King Archeole

Might Stamina Getherwings
Expert 5,200 15 2
Standard 3,300 10 2
Beginner 2,000 5 1
Drops Otherworld Fragments, Peregrine Blazon, Bronze Emblem, Bronze Crystal, Flame Orb


Easy Boss. Don’t derp or bring Wind characters.


Might Stamina Fragments Getherwings
Special 34,000 0 10 3
Expert 28,000 15 10 2
Standard 16,000 10 10 2
Beginner 8,400 5 10 1
Drops TBC


Unlike usual co-op, you will bringing along all 4 characters into the fight. Please DO NOT

  • Bring along any Wind units in your party
  • Might / 4 = the minimum amount of Might each Player should have before challenging the stage. So if your might is below 7000, please do not enter Expert mode and sabotage other people. Unless you can dodge with all your characters like a boss.
  • Phraeganoth have 3 body parts that can be broken. Always remove its tail ASAP prevent it from using Tailswipe.
  • Equip the Event Wyrmprint to gain 20% damage buff on Phraeganoth.

Overview – Expert Mode

There are 3 body parts on Phraeganoth, Tail, Left Leg and Right Leg. Each time you break 1 body part, you will be able to receive extra loot. However, only the Tail must be destroyed to make the fight easier.

Attack Pattern

Attack Details
Normal Attack. Avoid the right hook!
Turtle Spin Every so often, turtle will spin around on his tummy, take out the tail quickly so that the spin range will be smaller.
Turtle Blow Turtle likes to blow fire from Right to Left. Avoid standing near its head.
Before Turtle spits, its back will start glowing. Avoid standing where its spit lands as it will remain there for the next few seconds.

Volcanic Ruin
When turtle becomes angry, it will grow 4 pimples on the North South East and West of the field. Quickly take down at least one of the pimple to avoid getting spurt at.
When Turtle becomes very angry, it spits further.
When Turtle is about to die (below 50% HP), it will start ramming itself around the map.


Phase 1

At the start of the battle, all players should quickly go for the tail and take it down ASAP. Its spin attack will have a very wide range if the tail is still on. Always position yourself at the side or near the back of Phaeganoth. Do not stand infront of its head.

Skills – Turtle Punch, Turtle Spin, Turtle Blow

Phase 2 

Once the tail is down, you should hit Overdrive very soon, and Phase 2 begins. It will hit everyone into the air to signify the beginning of Phase 2 (no damage here). The only thing you need to take note here is the Volcanic Ruin (pimples). Quickly take down at least 1 of the mini volcano so that your team have a safe zone. It will keep using Volcanic Ruin until you Break it.

Skills – Turtle Punch, Turtle Spin, Turtle Blow, Volcanic Ruin

Phase 3 (After 50% or Broken)

After Phraeganoth recovers from its Break state, it will start using the Turtle Charge and Turtle Puke. On top of that, it will continue to use its other skills. At below 10% HP, Phraeganoth will use Volcanic Ruin one last time. This is where you have to decide to go all out on the boss or play it safe and destroy 1 pimple first.

Special Mode

  • Phaeganoth will use all its skills right from the beginning of the battle.
  • You have only 3 minutes to defeat Phaeganoth.
  • To be safe, you need to have a team with at least 10k Might to pass the Damage check.


  • You get 350 Wrymite for completing all event story and 3 swords all missions.
  • You get 50 Wrymite per day for completing event daily quest. Total 500.
  • You get 350 Wrymite for completing all Event Endeavors (Limited Quest).
  • There’s a whole bunch of rewards you can exchange with the Emblems (check ingame)
  • Players can Summon Pele, the event exclusive 5* Fire Dragon and Paladyn Defender, a Wyrmprint which helps to buff your damage dealt to Phraeganoth

About the Banner. There are 367 different items in the banner. You can choose to reset the banner after pulling the 2 featured cards or wait until you are done with all 367 items. Reset can be done manually or automatically once all 367 items are given out.


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