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Netmarble has recently announced the pre-registration event for their latest mobile game, Blade Waltz. If you like Rhythmic games with ARPG elements, you have to check this out!

Blade Waltz is a promoted as a Rhythmic ARPG game with infinite numbers of combination attacks. I’m not sure why they call it Rhythmic as there isn’t any Rhythm of Notes to follow. The game does allow players to come up with tons of combo through it’s 2-button (Red/Blue) attack system. Players can alternate between this 2 buttons and come up with different attack sequences.


A True Action RPG
Do you still upgrade one character at a time? Upgrade all of your characters at once in Blade Waltz!
Never waste your gear! Blade Waltz let you upgrade your very first starter gear into fully-loaded legendary gear!
Enjoy easy yet delightful combination attacks with a potent Finish move!
More than your average mobile RPG! Complete the game for an awesome cinematic ending!

Dominate enemies with 3 different types of action with the Tag Battle system!
Terror and Mayhem! Dual-wielding gun action, Ellie!
Fear the mace! Deadly striker, Gordon!
Slice and dice! Master of the blade, Starfell!

Don’t throw away your old gear, ever!
You can upgrade any starter gear into legendary gear that can withstand fiercest battles!

Epic combination attacks and Finish moves!
2 buttons that command a seemingly infinite numbers of combination attacks!
Crush your enemies with critical Finish moves!

Strong cinematic storytelling with dramatic finale!
Unravel the mystery and recruit your comrades-in-arms.
Go on an adventure and strengthen all of your characters at the same time.
Witness the grand finale at the end of your journey.

Shortage isn’t in our vocabulary! Enjoy Blade Waltz’s immense contents!
PvP, Boss Raid, Infinite Dungeon, and Special Dungeons!
You’ll never run out on things to do in Blade Waltz!


Pre-register now and get yourself some limited edition Weapon Costumes and 200 gems.

Pre-register Here


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