Fairy Tail Brave Saga – Out now on both platform


If you like Line’s Pokopang or Disney Tsum Tsum, you’ll like the game. What’s more, there’s Erza and Lucy for you to collect!


Fairy Tail Brave Saga is a typical Japanese themed puzzle card game with Fairy tail’s character to collect. There’s nothing really extraordinary about the game play, but graphically, it looks good and if you’re a fan of Fairy Tail, why not try it!

kongbakpao_fairytail_game2 kongbakpao_fairytail_game3

If you’ve previously pre-registered for the game, you’ll get a free Happy card. iOS players are still able to pre-register for the game. The game is currently available on the Japanese Play and App store


TAITO Corporation

Android Link
iOS Link



  1. Please make a translated guide. That would be awesome. Im loving this game! The only problem for me is that I have trouble getting 3 stars from quest. I would really like to know what the scoring is based on.

  2. I’m quite confused on how you get gems for premium summoning. Every time I finish a quest, there is a display of a gem then a number below it. But when I check the gems I have it is still the same. Then one time I “accidentally” got 300 gems after I finished a quest. Is my game bugged or something?

  3. My problem are the characters during battles. I see colors changing on their designs, also during battle and i think is because of the character problem, the game goes really slow. I have a samsung s4 i9500 running android 4.4.2. Any solutions? Thanks

  4. When you finish a quest depending on the score you get it’ll fill that star bar. For every star you get at the bottom of that page that’s how many more stars you need before you get the 300 gems

  5. Anyone care to explain what the books’ description indicates? I can understand the attack and hp one. But I don’t get what the other books gives.

  6. Here are two codes that give 300 gems and a bunch of items. Only one person can use these so be fast.



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