Fairy Tail Dice Magic – Japan Launch


Fuji Games has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Fairy Tail Dice Magic (フェアリーテイル ダイスマジック). Players can download the game from Japan’s App or Play Store.

Fairy Tail Dice Magic is a turn-based RPG with board games element. As the title of the name suggest, every aspect of combat in the game involves rolling of the Dice.

The exploration stage is based on a moving board similar to a monopoly game. Players will need to roll the dice to determine the number of steps your character can move on the board. However, if an enemy is blocking your way, you will need to defeat it before you can proceed to the next tile.

As for combat, this is a turn-based game and Players will need to roll the dice to determine which character can attack during your turn. Each character will have a set of numbers from 1-6 which will activate its attack if your dice roll hits.

Graphically, the game feels old and outdated. I’m not sure if its my own prejudice but I feel that the character sprites look too kiddish for a 2019 game. However, that’s my own personal opinion, you might actually like the game so download and try it!

Fuji Games


Android Link
iOS Link


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