Final Blade – Soft Launch


Skypeople, in association with Glohow, has announced the soft launch for their upcoming mobile RPG, Final Blade. The game is currently available in Malaysia, Philippines, Australia and Netherlands.

Final Blade is an RPG game with fluid, fantastic graphics as one of its highlights. It boasts over 200 characters with unique looks and different styles. You can form your own original team for adventures. This game offers an epic story set in the oriental world. Furthermore, there are various modes and conquests which suit all players for maximum entertainment every day.

There are plenty of classic modes like PvP for personal duels or Raid Boss which require forces of 5 players to conquer the ruthless monsters.

Furthermore, the game’s Clan mode provides many features where Players can come together and participate in different Clans, Region War, and Clan Raid.

The game will be released globally very soon so stay tuned!

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