GStar – Point Blank – Invading Your Mobile with 5 Titles


Zepetto has announced earlier during GStar that they will be releasing 5 different mobile titles based on their most popular FPS title, Point Blank. These titles are; Point Blank Mobile, Point Blank Counter Attack, Point Blank Survivors, Point Blank Open Fire and Point Blank Raiders. Click here to see some of the trailers.

I’ve never been a fan of FPS titles on Mobile or Consoles because the controls are just too slow compared to using the mouse. To announce 5 mobile titles based on one game, Zepetto must be very confident. Luckily, 3 out of the 5 reviewed titles are of different gameplay. This actually kept me interested curious how the other 2 titles (Point Blank Open Fire and Point Blank Raiders) will work out.

1. Point Blank Mobile

This is the version that closest to the original game. It’s a Mobile FPS game with over 100 different weapons for players to unlock.

2. Point Blank Counter Attack

A Chibi style Action RPG  mobile game. This has 70 different weapons to collect. It feels similar to a zombie shooting game I’ve played quite some time ago but I can’t remember the title.

3. Point Blank Survivors

Point Blank Survivors is a Zombie defense type game. Players will have to hide behind your barricades and prevent the zombies from approaching you. Saving up your gold and buying powerful weapons is important as you progress further into the game. The is currently available in English on the Google Play Store.



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