Guilty Gear X Crusaders Quest Collaboration!


Crusaders Quest and Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 are collaborating again and bringing two more heroes to the battle! Baiken, the traveling warrior on the hunt for revenge, and Dizzy, the innocent Commander Gear, will both be available for a limited time as Special Contract Heroes in Crusaders Quest! The 11 heroes from the previous collaboration events will also be available to get for your team!

Dozens of improvements and new features have come to Crusaders Quest since our Summer Updates. Test your strongest teams in the Real-Time Arena! Sharpen your blades and polish up your block skills before testing your mettle against other Captains! Fill your Hero Home with dozens of new accessories and decorations! Have too many Monuments to manage? Now you can move your favorite Monuments to the top of the list! Log into CQ today and see all of the latest updates!

In addition to the return of all previous Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 Collaboration Heroes, Crusaders Quest is updating its beautiful character illustrations and upgrading Heroes to improve your team set-ups!

  • 3 years later, the Goddesses Anut and Chronos are getting a new look!
  • Monte and Yichui now have character illustrations to gawk at!
  • Contract Heroes Uriel, V, and Gon are receiving significant upgrades!


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