Guns Royale – Mobile PUBG Type Game in Augmented Reality


Wizard Games, an indie studio based in Canada has announced the beta test for their upcoming mobile game, Guns Royale. What’s really cool about the game is that it can be played in Augmented Reality.

With the huge success of Bluehole Studio’s PC game, PlayersUnknown’s Battleground, it is a matter of time we see similar games coming onto the mobile platform. While surfing the Internet, I happened to come across one such game which not only have similar gameplay, but it can also be played in Augmented Reality.

Instead of the 100 people we see on PUBG, Guns Royale supports up to 16 players PvP. It also uses the old school bit sized graphics. Players will have to race to scrounge for weapons and gear to have a hope of being the last man standing. Winning will require tactical strategy, technical ability and a wee bit of lucky gear finding.

The game is currently in beta and only for iOS players. If you’re interested in giving the game a run, you can download it from Canada’s App Store.

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