Heroes Arena – iOS Pre-registration


uCool has announced the pre-registration campaign for their latest mobile game, Heroes Arena. The game is currently available on the Google Play Store while the iOS version is slated to release some time this month!

It seems like the PC games cycle is catching onto the mobile devices. Lately, there are more MOBA games moving on to the mobile device platform and here we are with Heroes Arena, a brand new MOBA game developed by uCool, the developer behind hit game, Heroes Charge.

If you have played League of Legends, you’ll definitely find this game familiar with similar environmental colours and art-style. Controls are made to play like an ARPG where you’ll have to manually move your characters with the virtual joystick and activate skills by tapping on the skill icons.

The game is specially design for mobile devices with shorter game time per match, quick buy system and even communication presets. The game may feel over simplified for a MOBA game but if you think about it, it fulfills all your MOBA needs on your mobile device any where, any time.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the game on iOS, Players who pre-register will receive 1000 gold and a new exclusive hero, that will only be available later in the year. As for the Android Players, fret not, you can also register using your in-game email to receive these exclusive loots on the day of the major update, which happens at the same time as the iOS launch.

To top it off, there’s also a milestone event where Players can collectively help to unlock some awesome rewards! What are you waiting for? Get your friends together now and help unlock the final reward!

Pre-register Here



Android Link



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