Hunger Quest – Puzzle RPG : Global Launch


NHN PlayArt has just release their latest mobile game, Hunger Quest – Puzzle RPG. I’ve actually played the close beta version of the game and I’m actually quite looking forward to it.

Hunger Quest – Puzzle RPG is a simple, 8-bit puzzle game with nothing to boast about. However, for some unknown reason, the game is actually quite addictive. Players will have to connect the same colored tiles to dig deep into the well to defeat some badass boss who happens to like hiding underground. On the way down, players will collect different weapons and armors to defeat pesky monsters that will block your way.

kbp_hungerquest_game1 kbp_hungerquest_game2


Each time you leave the dungeon, your level will reset back to 0 thus it is very important for players to plan your inventory and resources before starting on an adventure. Cutting blocks requires energy and energy can be replenished by eating food. There are many jobs in the game that players can change into. Each job has different passive/active skills which will affect how far you can delve into. It’s really a simple game but there’s so many things you will need to plan to master the game.

kbp_hungerquest_game4 kbp_hungerquest_game3

 Hunger Quest – Puzzle RPG is out now on all Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Hurry download the game and let’s dig some wells!

NHN PlayArt

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