Hunter x Hunter First PVP Event – Enter Heaven’s Arena


Player Versus Player has finally arrive in Hunter x Hunter Battle Allstars. What better way to introduce PVP into the game other than the infamous, Heaven’s Arena!


Event Period: 29th August – 10 September
This is the first season of Heaven’s Arena. Players will battle one another, score points and climb up the Arena. As you climb up the ranks, you will be rewarded handsomely. Prizes includes Evolve Materials, Upgrade Materials, Character cards and ultimately a 4* Hisoka Card!!



How to Participate :
From the Main menu, select Heaven’s Arena and start finding a random opponent. Regardless whether you win or lose, you will be rewarded with points (winning will reap you more points) which is needed to climb up the Heaven’s Arena rank.



Another feature introduced in today’s patch is Biscuit’s cash shop!

Players will now be able to buy high level evolve materials with Gems to upgrade those 3*cards of yours. This will help players who are unable to defeat the highest difficulty in events which is the only place where you can farm for these materials.



Here’s a shout-out to kirakyuubi : Get that Hisoka Card and do a screenshot for me !!!!

I’ve uploaded the latest 1.2 apk file Here



  1. Seems they increase probabilty to get 4* materials , i could get conjurer and enhancer materials in the 30 stamina stage of bomb devil trio, finally i cam get a 4* gacha

  2. I just can reach to 20F, after losing 8 times man this is getting hard without any 4* gachas

    seems my rrank is around 4800 hows yours? you anybody can get to the 1000?

  3. No I can’t too hard, also can someone explain the new skills? Like genthru if I have to feed him 3 3* tanks to get the tank skill if that makes sense

    • Those are abilities that will power up your gacha. To gain these abilities you will need to use the same gacha as the one your are trying to level. Example Genthru will need another Genthru as a material to gain a ability.

      • Okay I understand better now, thank you 😉

        kirakyuubi i agree with you when you say that is the right time to purchase gems and using them. With 20 gems i had Morel x1 and Knov x1.

        I really want Kite when you say that you had x3, i want to purchase gems again to obtain at least one Kite !

        To find information on this game that’s not easy, this website is the exception, I found more information than I expected. Congratulations and all contributors.

  4. Man, I’m so mad. Spent 45 Gems, and what did I get? A lot of gachas I already had. Even when I get a rare gacha, it’s one I already had (wingu, not even the one I can mega evolve).

    I get mad everytime I read your post saying you got 3 Kites. lol

  5. Oh, I have a request for a post regarding HxH BAS: I think that now, that we have PVP, it would be a great idea to translate the ultimate skills of every gacha, so we could have more choices when assembling the pvp teams. I mean, I had a few chars forgotten, not even knowing they were great for PVP (like Karuto, with his AoE ultimate, or Wing, with his AoE Paralyze, or even healer Bisket, that have a AoE 50% HP Heal). There is also a lot of chars with very specific skills for ultimate.

    The support translate would be nice too, since you have a few chars with very strange support skills, like giving a char +2 attack speed only if they are above 90% HP and stuff.


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