Identity V – iOS Release Date Announced!


Mark your calendars people! NetEase in collaboration with Behaviour Digital have announced that their popular mobile horror title Identity V, will be releasing on iOS devices on July 5th.

Having previously released in China, Identity V has already achieved success, grabbing the number one spot on the free mobile games lists. Identity V will be available globally on the App Store on July 5th. Identity V incorporates Dead by Daylight’s asymmetrical gameplay into its stylistic mobile gameplay.

Identity V gives players the choice of being a Hunter or Survivor in a 1 vs 4 format. Players that choose to play as a Hunter will benefit from being incredibly powerful. Hunters, however, play on their own, and their goal is to track down the four Survivors trying to make their way out of the manor.

To balance the raw power of the Hunters, players that choose the route of the Survivors will play as a team of four characters. Searching the manor for clues and solving the mysteries of its hidden mechanisms will be the sole purpose of the Survivors if they are to escape the manor alive.

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