(JP) Bleach Brave Souls – out on iOS and Android


Good news guys! The wait is finally over. Bleach Brave Souls is finally out on both the Japanese App and Play Store. Go grab them now!

Bleach Brave Souls is a simple ARPG game with tons of nostalgic Bleach scenes. The game’s story mode follows closely to the original Anime version and help players to recap what made Bleach one of the Big 3 Anime back then.

kbp_bleachbravesouls_game1 kbp_bleachbravesouls_game2


The controls of the game are quite intuitive. Players will control your characters with the virtual joystick. You can double slide the screen to help your characters rollover and dodge attacks. Skills are determined by the rarity of your characters. 1-2* characters will only have 1 normal skill, 3-4* characters will have 2 normal skills and 1 special skill while 5* characters will have 3 normal skills and 1 special skill. Currently there are 3 chapters in the game and each chapter has about 20 stages. It took me about an hour and a half to complete the first chapter.

If there’s one thing I don’t like about the game is the camera angle for certain Boss stages. Some of the camera angles are not responsive and the bosses will easily get knocked off the screen and you will end up with limited movement area.


PVP in the game is automated so it’s important to match the right party members and make sure they’re high level enough before you sending them into the arena.

The game is out now on the Japanese App and Play Store. The game is really simple and fun and because it’s Bleach, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t try it!







  1. Got byakuya 3 star…now i hope theres a chance to get zaraki and maybe in the future aizen…btw plz check out world trigger game by bandai namco..tell us if that game is good

      • I played it a bit..its sling shot like but in a different way..its a mixs of strategy n slingshot timing..i even got 5 star character..but i forgot whos the guy haha..but i stop playing since i have to play bleach n dokkan battle n pad jp n love life so my hands r full…so inform us if its better than bleach but i doubt it

  2. Kongbakpao u should do a mini guide for this game since i its gonna have a lot of players despite bleach recently have gone boring…its has more than 200k pre register user so thats a good start n also bleach is still popular enuf…the gatcha is 25 stone per pull though…but u get 1 stone per mission …aizen comee

  3. On ur first pull can u get 5 star or only those 4 in the pic? Then after the tutorial then you can get 5 star characters?need tips n guide if possible

  4. He has post a new guide for bleach..more like mini translation but generally u redeem the code in option..3 below right side option…btw this game has cool attention to details…i juz notice urahara has this wooden sound when he runs…since hes wearing japanese wooden shoes..cant believe the put that in

  5. Hi do you have a guide for character linking? I mean a translation for it. Example: when you link kenpachi to your character you get +5 attack. Thanks

  6. Unavailable in Hong Kong but the fact is some people is playing this game in the Hong Kong I was shocked. In the playstore was unavailable in my country. Plz fix this


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