(JP) Guardian Clash – Pre-registration


Wright Flyer Studios has announced the start of the pre-registration event for their latest blockbuster mobile game, Guardian Clash

Guardian Clash is a turn-based RPG game played very similar to those Korean side-scroller RPG games. Players will tap your character’s portrait to unleash their skills or click on the crystal icon to unleash a special Crystal Combo (all characters attack at once).

kbp_guardianclash_game1 kbp_guardianclash_game2

Pre-register for the game now and get yourself some really valuable prizes!

Pre-register normally with your email and get the following:
100 gems when pre-registration reaches 11111 people
Armor when pre-registration reaches 33333 people
Weapon when pre-registration reaches 55555 people
Reir(R) Guardian Crystal Pieces x 25 when pre-registration reaches 77777 people

Also, enter the Twitter contest by clicking “Twitterでつぶやく” and stand a chance to win a 10,000 Yen iTunes or Google Play card. 50 other lucky people will also get 5000 Yen worth of iTunes or Google Play Card.

Pre-register Now


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