(JP) Metal Max Fireworks – Out Now On iOS and Android


Enterbrain has launched their latest mobile game, Metal Max Fireworks. The game is now available on Japan’s App and Play Store. If you like Tanks and weird looking monsters, this is definitely the game for you!

If you’re expecting FPS based tank style kind of combat such as World of Tanks, you’re going to be disappointed. Metal Max Fireworks seems to be a turn-based game. There are over 250 different tanks and weapons for players to assemble and each tank can be classified into 1 of the 6 different classes.


What’s interesting about the game are actually the enemies.


Metal Max Fireworks is currently available on Japan’s App Store. Pre-registration for the Android version is still underway so don’t miss it guys!
Update: The Android version is out now!



apple-store-logo Android_App_Store_Logo

Android Pre-register (You need a yoyaku account)


  1. When androiddddd,this is a popular niche rpg series in japan called metal max or metal saga…anyone expecting a a game like world of tanks please get lost

  2. anybody has successfully played it? stuck after downloading data 100% completely, gotten into garage, background music playing, but the tutorial won’t begins.. already redid complete data download twice, yet didn’t affect anything, still stuck. I’m on android.

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