Last Day on Earth: Survival – Out for iOS and Android


Over the weekends, I was playing this new mobile survival game called Last Day on Earth: Survival. The game is published by Kefir! and is currently available on Google Play for download.

Like all survival games, I enter into a world of unknown with no clue on what to do. There are no Quest Markers or Tutorials that can help me. My only objective was to stay alive and hopefully, survive the zombie horde with my bare hands.

Some people might argue that this is a Durango clone but isn’t all survival games similar? Unlike Durango where you have a big open world, Last Day on Earth uses instance based map. Players are required to travel to another area to gather resources to upgrade your home. Travelling takes time (real-life time) and if you want to cut the time needed to travel, you’ll have to use Energy. This is probably the main monetizing plan for the game.

Most survival games allow you to team up with other people at low levels to help each other and share the crafting burden. However, Last Day on Earth requires you to play solo until you’re at least level 28 before you can unlock the clan system. For those of you who like to play with your friends, this may sound like a bad feature but the game emphasizes on being alone and what it takes to survive. There is no place left for friendship, love and compassion.

You will still be able to meet other Players while gathering resources from nearby maps but most of the time, these Players will be hostile and eyeing on your backpacks. I actually enjoy “Pking” other players at early levels as this is a “shortcut” to getting valuable stuff.

As you level up, you’ll be able to craft better items for survival. You can also craft vehicles that can help speed up your journey to another zone.

If this is your first survival game, you might feel a little overwhelm at the start. You need to know that if you die in the game, the items that you are carrying with you will be gone forever. Always remember to build yourself some storage box and make sure you keep the materials in the store.



Android Link
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  1. Hello broo what your level now? Do you know how to find blue steel and oak plank material for build tower for create clan?
    My level now is 33. And i stuck at that material is hard to find Rss like that

  2. Level 2 plank where and what is that? Im trying to build a bike, a big chest and other stuff but it won’t let me.

    • If u need the stuffs for motocycle , go to find far maps …I mean you no need to across rivers , just go find in your homeland as far as u can ..I had found 4 engines , 1 exhaul pipe , 1 pistol ,1 sword and many other items from the biggest forest today.And if u planning to go , don’t forget to take your finest weapons, medic kit,etc with u cuz there is so many of zombies and thiefs who will plunder all u have and kill u.

  3. Does anyone know where to find the handle bar and gas tank for the bike? Also how do you defeat “the big one” I can never kill him.

  4. El Juego Es Super Bueno, Pero Seria Mejor Si No Utilizáramos La Energía Para Ir A Otos Sitios… Por Que Es Muy Tedioso Tener Que Esperar Para Seguir Consiguiendo Materiales.