Light: Fellowship Of Loux – Now On iOS!


Com2uS has announced the soft launch of a new Mobile RPG, “Light: Fellowship of Loux“. Developed by Polygon Games, the game is currently available in 7 countries Play and App Store including Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippines. Read on to find out more!

Light is an RPG for strategic battles with Hero formations and Runes with more than 100 Heroes with 5 different classes and a Rune System with 15 different effects. Users will be able to collect Heroes to come up with their own team formations and increase the Hero’s ability to defeat the opponent team.


Light also provides various battle content including explorations, Raid, Arena, and dungeons. Heroes are equipped with unique skills according to 3 attributes (Fire, Water, and Earth) and the elaborate skill effects will enhance the thrill of real-time battles.


The developer of Light, Polygon Games, has been developing RPG’s for many years and used their know-how as a background to create splendid graphics and strategic gameplay in developing “Light: Fellowship of Loux”.

kbp_fellowshipofloux_game3 kbp_fellowshipofloux_game4

People who tried the game say’s that the game is kind of a re-skin or an improve version of Summoners War, I feel the game is leaning more towards Seven Knights or Dragon Blaze. Although most Korean Monster Breeding games feels similar, they do have their own unique sub-genre that differentiates them. Summoners War and Wonder Tactics belong to the genre where strategy plays a more important role in beating your opponent while games like Seven Knights and Dragon Blaze require you to grind hard and fully deck out your characters. This is why I feel that Light is more inclined towards the latter 2 games.

Anyway the game is currently in soft launch, Com2uS said, “Light will begin its global journey to meet worldwide users starting with the release in the 7 countries”. So based on the past few games, expect to see the game launch globally in a month’s time.



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