Lost Kingdom – ARPG out in Japan


4:33 together with Factorial Games and Donuts Co. have come together to announce the launch of their latest Action RPG, Lost Kingdom (ロストキングダム). Players can now download the game from Japan’s App or Play Store.

Lost Kingdom is a simple Action RPG. There are different game modes which you can unlock by completing different stages of the main story mode. Currently, there are 45 stages with 3 different levels of difficulty in the Story mode.

To be honest, almost 90% of the mobile Action RPG plays the same with similar controls. However, Lost Kingdom does have it’s own unique feature when it comes to combat. There is a special “Finisher” button which can be activated after knocking down an enemy. Depending on which skill or attack you used, the type of Finisher activated will be different.

The game focuses a lot on real-time gameplay both for PVE and PVP. There is brawl mode where you can battle up to 8 people in real-time, Raid bosses and Expeditions that supports up to 4 Players co-op. There are many more game modes that can really keep the hardcore Action RPG fans busy.

Donuts Co. Ltd.


Android Link
iOS Link




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