Luna Chronicles Prelude – Available Globally on 2 May


Eyedentity Mobile and Cherry Credits announced that Luna Chronicles Prelude will be available globally for Android and iOS devices on 2 May 2016. In addition to receiving the previously announced Pre-Sign Up Rewards, players who participate in the Luna Chronicles Prelude will receive rewards consisting of a 4-star Hunter (a powerful attack-type warrior Ally), 100 Keys and 10 Ally Evolvers after the official launch of Luna Chronicles.

Luna Chronicles Prelude is the pre-launch public testing version of Luna Chronicles, a 3D turn-based tactical fantasy RPG. Player progression during this Prelude phase will carry over to Luna Chronicles’ official launch (release date to be announced soon). Luna Chronicles Prelude will be available in English and Bahasa Indonesia, with a Thai language pack arriving soon after the official launch.


In Luna Chronicles, players must lead a band of adventurers to assassinate Erega, a young boy who became corrupted by forbidden powers and now wreaks havoc on the land of Luna. The game’s unique gameplay allows for player flexibility in squad management, such as controlling individual allies’ skill use, squad formation customization via the grid system, and a robust character modification system that features over 100 allies.


Luna Chronicles’ Pre-Sign Up details and rewards:

  • Pre-sign up here.
  • One 4-star Lilcy, a rare and powerful balanced character.
  • 10 Entry Keys that allow players to enter various areas and dungeons.
  • 50,000 Gold, in-game currency used to enhance units and equipment.
  • 2 Ally Evolvers to upgrade Allies’ star levels.
  • A rare 4-star Artisan Robe for every pre-sign up registrant who invites 10 of their Facebook friends to pre-sign up as well.


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