Maze: Shadow of Light – Soft Launch


AwesomePIG, Inc., a mobile-game publisher and developer, is proud to announce the soft launch of Maze: Shadow of Light. The game is now available in Malaysia and the Philippines.

Maze: Shadow of Light is an Action RPG with cartoon-rendered graphics, and the game focuses on dynamic gameplays and controls with the unique ‘tag action’ system, which enables players to switch between their heroes and guardians to activate unique and powerful tag skills.

In addition, players can experience thrilling battles and strategic gameplay as they defend the world ‘Tera’ from the twisted monster ‘Diabolus’.

Multiple game modes give players the opportunity to uncover Maze’s story and its gameplay features. Story Mode takes players into an adventure throughout the world of ‘Tera’. Story Mode consists of 50 stages and allows player to play as both the Hero and Guardian.

And Player versus Player (PvP) modes offers single and multi-player match, and it will bring gamers from around the world together as they build up their Heroes and Guardians for combat. Raid Mode consists of monsters with dynamic attack patterns and skills and offers greater rewards.

To be honest, this would have been another Action RPG in the block but it’s unique cartoon-polygon graphics actually made the game worthwhile. There have been too many ARPG with Unreal engine graphics or the usual Anime type style. If you like Action RPG type games I suggest you give this a go!



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