Million Arthur Extasis (ミリオンアーサー エクスタシス) – Pre-gistration (Above 18 Only)


Alright pervs.. I mean people. Square Enix has announced the start of the pre-registration of Million Arthur Extasis on the Gree Platform. I must remind you again, the game is strictly for age 18+ only (yeah right)!



I’m pretty sure most of you Million Arthur Fans must have heard by now the new MA game, Million Arthur Extasis is for age 18+ only. This time, the game will be focused on it’s Guild Battle system. There isn’t much information of the game as of now but players can actually start pre-registering to get some Million Arthur Goodies!



Pre-register for the game now and get yourself prizes that’s worth 2000 Yen. There are 3 pre-registration campaign to look out for.


1. The normal pre-register where you get assorted Pots and Gacha Coupons.
2. The Pre-Gacha which could get you 2 UR cards
3. The referral program that gives your extra Gacha Coupons for you and your referrer.

Here’s what you can get from the Pre-Gacha Machine



Pre-register Here


  1. Could someone give me a quick guide as to what to do? I can’t really read japanese well. I managed to play this panel game and uncovered that green-haired girl but can’t seem to work out what to do next.


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