Mobile Games to Look For in 2018!


It’s 2018 and welcome to the year of Action RPG! In this article, I’ll be highlighting some of the games that were planned to launch this year and also games that were delayed from 2017!

Onmyoji (Global)

The long awaited, English version of Onmyoji will finally begin it’s early access and soft launch in January, on iOS, Android and Steam platform. It is confirmed that the Soft launch will happen on the 4th of January for the following countries; Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and the Philippines. I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

Brave Frontier 2 (Japan)

Probably one of the most anticipated games from Players all over the world, Brave Frontier II. The game was first slated to launch in December 2017 but had to be pushed back to Winter 2018 due game polishing issues. Brave Frontier is probably the most iconic IP in the mobile games market as the game was unique, flashy and the first of it’s kind back in 2013. With 2 more months left till the end of Winter in Japan, I can’t wait to see if the sequel can outshine it’s predecessor.

One Piece Bounty Rush (Japan)

One Piece Bounty Rush is a 4v4 MOBA game. The objective of the game is to collect as many Berry (coins) as possible before time runs out. On the field, you’ll be fighting against real-players or AI controlled minions to strengthen your characters. There are also breakable objects which contains power-ups for your characters. AI Bosses will appear periodically in the middle of the map and defeating them will net you a lot of Berries. I guess this is probably the first time we see Bandai Namco releasing a MOBA game thus I am really curious to know if it’ll work out.

Ordinal Strata (Japan)

With over 1 million pre-registrations till date, Ordinal Strata is one of the most anticipated JMobile games till date. The game is co-developed by Fuji Games and Marvelous, both of them are big names in Japan mobile games industry. Ordinal Strata is a turn-based RPG with ATB. Gameplay is simple as combat is mostly automated with the option of casting skills. As for the Gacha system, you will be gachaing for weapons while characters can be unlocked by playing the game.

Summoners War 2 (Korea, Global?) 

One of the biggest IP in the mobile games market, Summoners War will expand and have it’s Mobile MMO game this year (if no delays)! This will be a full fledged Action RPG based on the original Summoners War game. I’m not sure how the game works but according to my sources, this will be a full-fledged MMO experience. This will definitely be one of the most hyped games this year!

Seven Knights II (Korea)

Another popular IP will have it’s sequel and that’s Seven Knights II. The game will have an update in it’s graphics and gameplay becomes Action-based. To be honest, I have mix feelings for this as the character design for Seven Knights is too similar to all the other MMO games that are turning mobile. It feels too generic compared to the monsters you can play in Summoners War. Check out the opening gameplay video below.

Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation (Japan)

This is probably one of the big IP games that will end up in a hit or miss. Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation is a turn-based RPG based on the Shin Megami series. In the game, you’ll be able to collect different Demons from the Shin Megami world. You can also recruit the random encounters if you choose the right conversation. I actually played the Taiwan Beta for awhile and I must say the game looks really good. However, the game feels a little lacking at this early stage which I can’t put words to it. It might be the UI or the overall gameplay but I guess it’s still too early to judge. The good news is that an English version had been announced for global release but the bad news is, we do not know when.

Heir of Light (Global)

Gamevil had just recently ended the Close Beta Test for Heir of Light and from what I gathered, there were mix feelings on the game. Personally, I have not tried it but looking through the gameplay videos on YouTube, the game looks pretty good, graphically and gameplay. Combat is automated while you’re able to decide when to cast your character’s skills. To be honest, the game looks promising as it is right now but I hope the developers will not spoil the game with too many Paywall content.

Final Fantasy Explorers Force (Japan)

Final Fantasy Explorers Force, the game I was waiting for the entire of 2017, had been delayed until Q3 2018. This is an Action RPG with a MMO experience. Based on various Close Beta footage, the game looks really good especially the boss fights. It feels like playing an actual MMORPG on a PC where movements and DPS play a vital role in defeating the bosses. Can’t wait to check this out!

Durango (Korea/Global)

After delaying the game for more than 1.5 years, I strongly believe that Nexon have to release Durango in 2018 or it’ll be too late. This Dinosaur survival game was one of the most anticipated game in 2016 and 2017 but had never made it to launch despite multiple Beta test. To be honest, the game was really good back then but with the decline of popularity in the Survival games genre, I’m not sure if I’ll be playing the game anymore.


As I’ve mentioned in the intro, this is the year for ARPG genre as we’ll be seeing tons of MMO remake into Mobile games. These are games that I have little interest as they will most probably play the same with just a re-skin of it’s character design. However, if you’re curious, we have Tera M, Aion M, Black Desert M and whatever MMO M they have yet to announced.

Also, I foresee that we’ll be seeing more Battle Royale, PUBG type games. To be honest, I’m not a fan of FPS or Shooter games for mobile (or console) as it is really difficult to aim with your thumb.

Once again, Happy New Year to all my loyal supporters here. I hope I will be able to continue writing and updating you guys with all the latest and best mobile games to play in 2018! Let us continue to get many 5*/SS this year!


  1. have you given Modern Combat Versus a try? i hated how hard it is to aim for FPS game but apparently the UI for this makes it really easy and convenient 🙂

  2. Heir of Light looks like just another reskin. Way too similar to Kings Raid. I’m honestly really surprised how Gamevil is able to stay afloat when all of their games are just reskins of their previous, or of others. Their unique factor has declined over the years.. Just look at War of Crown. Didn’t even make it a year in GL.

  3. One piece Bounty rush is crap,played the beta and i hate it so boring.This is coming from someone who plays OPTC and OPTS.


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