Monster Gear – English Facebook Group Up!


Sega just released their latest Mobile game, Monster Gear (モンスターギア)  on both iOS and Android. If you’re a fan of Monster Hunting games, this is definitely a must try!

Monster gear is a new Monster hunting game with over 150 different types of monsters for players to hunt. The game supports 4 player co-op raid battles, where players will have to gather rare materials to craft better items for their characters.



In battle, players will need to strategize whether to attack or defend and not mindlessly tapping the attack button. If you’ve played Monster Hunter, you’ll definitely see the resemblance between the 2 games. Monsters will get enraged too. There are 4 different buttons that players must take note off.

Attack Button – Keep tapping the attack button will allow your characters to chain combos on the Monster. The Speed of your combos depends on the type of weapon you carry. For example, you can chain combos faster with Dual Sword compared to the Great Swords

Defense Button – Players can press and hold on the Defense button to reduce the damage taken from Monsters. When timed correctly, hitting the defense button at the same time as the Monster attack will reduce the damage taken to 0

Weapon Skill – After a few normal attacks, you’ll charge up your rage bar and your characters can use the weapon skill to deal more damage to the monsters.

Monster Skill – Depends on the Monster card you equip, you can cast different powerful monster skills when it’s fully charged.



Currently, the 4 player coop doesn’t connect through Wifi but is limited the players location. Meaning that you have to grab your friends and play together at the same vicinity.

You can add me as your friend though. My id is 181371866 (Menu > 2 man Icon > last button)

Created an English Group for Monster Gear Join me and beat bad monsters together!!


Android Link
iOS Link



  1. Seems like there’s a problem getting per-registered rewards, can you get the reward if you install the game via qoo-app ?

    Is this the right method as follow below?
    1)Install game via link on your email.
    2)exit the game completely or force close the game
    3)enter the game via the link given on email
    4)finish the tutorial & you will get the reward on the mail in-game.

    • Yes, but there’s a bug now causing some of us to not receive the reward. So don’t be alarm if you’re not getting it. They are investigating now

  2. Thanks for the info, been testing this game today looks pretty cool. Few questions.
    Any facebook group about this game?
    Worth to reroll?
    Whats the most popular or OP class?

    I will try to add you later. Thank you.

      • There’s a Chinese and Thai Facebook group.

        Here’s the breakdown base on my play:
        Great Sword – Pure Damage Dealer
        Bow – Damage + Status ailment (Best weapon for Beginners to Mid-level plaeyers)
        Dual Wield – Stacks combo (Support role)
        Spear and Shield – Low damage but heals
        Hammer – Best weapon for interrupt (Support role)


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