Overhit Guide 1 – Tier List and Overview


After a week of playing the game and looking through almost all the available tier list, here is one of my own!

The tier list for the game is as follow: UR>SSR>SR>R>N.

Before we start, the game’s character growth method is very different from most games. Having a full limit break SR hero is more beneficial in the early to mid game. Why is that so? By feeding a dupe hero, your hero’s max level will be increased by 5 and you will unlock skill upgrade. Each hero can limit break 5 times which means you will be able to gain 25 extra levels (worth of stats). Unless you’re a whale or super lucky with your pulls, it is definitely easier to get a MaxLB SR hero than a SSR Hero. This is one of those few games where Dupe Heroes are actually important.

Rule of thumb – SR+5 = SSR+2

Let’s start with the basic rerolling guide! At the start of the game, you’ll be given a Launch Celebration Gacha which will guarantee one SSR unit from a pool of 5. Although this is not the part where you should be rerolling at but it’ll be good if you can start with Blossom, Leika, or Teze. Jasper isn’t that great while Reiz can be gotten from the campaign later on.

After you’re done with your tutorial, collect all the gems and start pulling away. Make sure you have at least one more SSR before you start playing the game. Check out the following tier list (I will not include the 2 UR characters as these are not for us commoners to obtain for now):


Character Element Role Score Notes
Aglaea Water P.Range Only obtainable through Ancient Gacha
Alex Light P.Tank 6.5 Decent Light Tank with Barrier to self
Angelo Dark M.Range 9.5 Powerful AOE to 4(5) units
Try to MLB him to stay powerful
Useful for PVP and PVE
Aria Water P.Melee 5 You get 1 from campaign
She’s pretty weak for a SSR
Ash Fire P.Melee 9 Attack Down, Burn
Farmable Shard
MLB to unlock +45% ATK
Beatrice Wind P.Melee 6.5 Decent damage dealer
Blossom Fire M.Range 8.5 Great AOE with Burn and Def Down
Useful for PVP and PVE
Celesta Wind P.Range 7.5 Damage dealer with Def Break and Bleed
Colette Water M.Range 8 Alone, she’s pretty decent damage dealer with some utility
Pair with Reiz to get 100 Freeze Link Skill for 18 seconds
Demian Dark M.Tank 8 Decent Dark Tank with Self-healing
I believe he is nerf badly on global
Edmund Wind M.Range Only obtainable through Ancient Gacha
Elphie Fire M.Heal 8 Decent healer with great utility
Buffs ATK and removes debuff
Emodin Water P.Tank 7.5 Decent tank with ATK break and Barrier
Esta Fire P.Range 7 Able to deal fix damage
Gleck Dark P.Tank 7 Small chance to stun
Good for PVP
Gordon Fire P.Tank 6 ATK break
Lacks self sustain for a tank
Helena Light M.Heal 9.5 Very strong Healer with x5 AOE Heals
Resurrect and Barrier
Hien Fire P.Melee 8 Decent damage dealer with ATK break
Jack Light P.Range 6.5 Very good when against Dark enemies (Raid)
Jasper Light P.Range 7.5 Decent AOE damage dealer
Jinkai Light P.Tank 7 Decent Light Tank with Barrier to self and Taunt
Leika Wind P.Melee 9 Great AOE damage dealer
Link with Ren to farm HM 8-10
Ludmilla Fire M.Range Only obtainable through Ancient Gacha
Luna Water M.Range 7.5 Decent Magic DMG dealer
Good Link skill with Sophia
Party with someone that can freeze to deal additional dmg
Malpion Dark P.Melee 6 Average free unit
Link skill with Ash but single target
Ophelia Wind M.Tank 8 Build her for your 8-10 team
Absorb damage for party
Get her Grimoire for self-sustain
Reiz Water M.Melee 8 Decent free unit with 100% Freeze
Good for Fire raid
Pair with Luna to maxmize damage on raid boss
Ren Wind P.Melee 8.5 Decent free unit with 100% Poison
Good for 8-10 and Water Raid
Link Skill with Leika for more damage
Shoumei Water M.Heal 1000000 Waifu
Sophia Light M.Heal 9 Heal and Ressurect
Good Starter
Teze Dark P.Melee 9 Powerful Single Target damage
Great Leader skill for Mono Dark team
Unknown Dark P.Range 7 For a main Antagonist, he is really weak…
Yggdrasil Wind M.Heal 9.5 Powerful Healer with CD reduction
Good for 8-10 farm

*This list is subject to change once I get to use the heroes more.

SR Units

Character Element Role Score Notes
Cicero Dark P.Tank 9.5 Your best tank from early to mid game
Proxy Dark P.Melee 9
Your main damage dealer from early to mid game
The most important unit for PVP as he can reduce healing
Kojiro Dark P.Melee 8 Powerful ST and AOE damage
Young Gleck Light P.Melee 9 Strong Single Target Damage
Very good for Dark Raid
Good for 1 shotting Cicero in Arena
Dominique Light P.Melee 7.5
Good against Dark Units
Raid and PVP (quickly kill off Cicero)
Teramachina Light P.Range 8
Good AOE damage
Surprisingly good for current PVP meta
Alcon Fire P.Support 8
ATK + DMG Break
Good for Raids and Boss fights
Nekoroid Wind M.Heal 9 Best SR Healer
Good for farming 8-10

Note: SR List not complete. There are other useful units not mentioned as I don’t have them yet. 


  1. First of all, thank you for this tier list, I just started playing today and got Leika on my first attempt. You mentioned that Ren is a free SSR, I would like to ask, where can I get her? I’m just not sure if I missed the chance to get her.

  2. @HellMask You get her later on in the story mode, for finishing one of the chapters. I don’t remember which but, it’s one of the later chapters in normal difficulty.


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