Pocket Knights 2 – Soft Launch


Pitaya Network has announced the soft launch of their upcoming mobile game, Pocket Knights 2. The game is currently available for Android Players in US and Canada.

Pocket Knights 2 brings a new game experience with 3D characters and lead players into a holy-fantastic journey. In the new world, over 100 legendary Pocket Knights are waiting for you! You can choose several characters and nurture them into a skilled warrior to defend your enemies; you can play with other players across world, and fighting together for the faith. That’s significant to bear in mind that each warrior should remember how to “Train your warriors” “buckle up legendary gears” and “explore entire kingdom”. Warriors should grow up stronger to against ancient dragons.

Pocket Knights 2 combines the ACT highlights with role-playing game (RPG), leading mobile gamers on fantastic, action adventure against ancient dragon. As the barrier of Kingdom has been destroyed, player must undercover prehistoric artifacts- “starcore” to restore the kingdom and defeat dragon force. Vast number of upgrades and special items player can equip, directly use team tag skills to experience ultimate fast-paced action.

Pitaya Network


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