Pocket Legends Adventures – Spacetime Studios Announces Casual Mobile Multiplayer Game


Spacetime Studios, a Texas-based independent mobile game developer and publisher, has announced Pocket Legends Adventures, an epic, action-packed multiplayer role-playing game for iOS and Android platforms. Featuring innovative real-time combat, unique skill-based advancement, endless character customization, and extensive single player campaigns, Pocket Legends Adventures takes the mobile role-playing experience to a whole new level.

“Seven years ago we released the world’s first 3D mobile MMO, Pocket Legends.” said Gary Gattis, CEO. “Today we are thrilled to announce Pocket Legends Adventures, a charming homage with all new mechanics in a familiar setting.”

Social gameplay will be front-and-center in Pocket Legends Adventures, with Friends, Chat, and a wide range of exotic and humorous vanity items to apply to the avatarsGamers can expect the same pick-up-and-play mayhem as the original series with several new multiplayer modes to enjoy with their friends.

Spacetime Studios significantly advanced their proprietary game engine animation and rendering technologies to show off the latest high-end mobile hardware, including squash-and-stretch animation, real-time ambient occlusion, post-processing effects, advanced lighting, and custom shaders. The result is a family-friendly game with a sleek, whimsical look and feel.

Game mechanics are casual but allow for deep character specialization, so players will be able to experiment with a wide variety of builds to fit their play style without sacrificing their favorite looks. Simple on the surface, with infinite character builds, Pocket Legends Adventures is a full-featured RPG distilled to fit today’s on-the-go lifestyle.

Pocket Legends Adventures is currently in Closed Beta. Interested testers can find more information here.


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