Pokemon Masters – Singapore Soft Launch Begins


DeNA has launched the Soft Launch of Pokemon Masters in Singapore. Players from Singapore can now download the game from your local Play Store while Players from Canada can do so from 27th of July.

Before we start, this soft launch version has only limited content for testing. The game is only available for Android users. You cannot play the game on any emulator and will need a VPN to play the game if you’re outside of Singapore.

Pokemon Masters is a 3v3 turn-based RPG based on the Pokemon series. The unique feature of this game is that the Trainers are actually the main focus of this series while the Pokemon are more of a “support” role.

In Pokemon Masters, each trainer owns only 1 Pokemon thus in order to collect many other Pokemon, you will have to gacha for their respective trainers. Players will take on the role of the main character and with no surprise, your Pokemon is Pikachu. During this soft launch, there are only five 5-star trainers in the Gacha pool.

Trainer Pokemon Element
Kris Totodile Normal / Water
Brendan Treecko Grass
Phoebe Dusclops Normal / Ghost
Olivia Lycanroc Rock
Karen Houndoom Dark


Combat is pretty much straight forward and relies heavily on elemental counters. All three of your team’s Pokemon share a common “move bar”. Once you have accumulate enough bars, you can then command your Pokemon to attack.

I’m not sure what are all the content available for this soft launch but I’ll definitely update this article if anything interesting comes up!

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