Re-Volt3 – Soft Launch


WeGo Interactive has announced the soft launch of their latest mobile game, Re-Volt3. The game is currently available on the App/Play Store in Singapore, Canada, Netherland, Philippines, New Zealand, and Indonesia.

Re-Volt3 has been redesigned with optimized game environments for users, while maintaining the original version. High-level graphics and system upgrades of RC cars expect to bring a new level of excitement to not only ‘Re-Volt’ fans but also those who enjoy racing games.

kbp_revolt_game5 kbp_revolt_game1

Re-Volt3 contains a variety of maps and hundreds of single missions with various types of RC cars. Maps like, the neighborhood alley, museum, and supermarket give users a feeling of realism as a result of the lifelike programming. Mountains and circuit maps are newly added. The realistic sounds and control of RC cars has been reproduced as well.

kbp_revolt_game4 kbp_revolt_game5

WeGo Interactive Co Ltd,.


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iOS Link


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