Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest – Out now in Japan Stores


gumi Inc. has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest (セレンシアサーガ:ドラゴンネスト). The game is now available on Japan’s App and Play Store.

Developed by gumi’s subsidiary development team, Primus, Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest is an Action RPG based on the original Dragon Nest game.

At the start of the game, Players can choose to play as one of the 4 main classes; Warrior, Cleric, Archer or Sorceress. Eventually, you will be able to bring a party of 3 plus a friend unit into the instance.

The game has a feature a little similar to Monster Hunter where Players can farm Nest-bosses, for materials to enhance your equipment. While hunting these bosses, you can break their body parts to acquire even more special materials.

Although the fastest way to get strong equipment is through the Gacha system, I believe the best ones are from the combination of crafted equipment plus the Gacha equipment.

gumi Inc.


Android Link
iOS Link



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