Seven Guardians – 4:33’s Latest Mobile Game Coming Soon


4:33 Creative Lab has announced recently that their upcoming mobile game, titled Seven Guardians will be releasing soon. Here’s a sneak peak on the game!


The nine worlds supported by Yggdrasil, the world tree, used to be a peaceful and prosperous place filled with delightful and friendly inhabitants until it was overtaken by the uprising of the undead. Soon, the lands plunged into darkness, evil and greed turned friends into foes while the weak cowered and hid in their homes. All that remained were 7 brave and noble guardians who longed to return their lands back into its peaceful existence. Help the seven guardians fight against these evil creatures by assembling an elite team and leading them to victory, claiming back one world at a time.



Enjoy a wide variety of characters based from Norse Mythology
7 Classes x 10 Series x 6 Ranks of Guardians to build from. Summon the ultimate team and lead them to victory! Series: Fire, Ice, Explosives etc.

9 different Game Modes available for play
Experience the adventure in story mode across several worlds in Norse Mythology i.e Midgard, Asgard, Alfheim and more! Or jump into challenges with unique PvP modes such as Arena and City attack & defend.

Unique time attack RPG gameplay
Players will have to plan their best tactic and assemble different party of guardians to beat each mode of play.

Unlock, build and upgrade support tank
Collect a complete series of guardians to unlock powerful tanks to support your offensive battle.

Unique game graphics
The game is filled with bright and cartoony graphics pleasing to the eye for everyone at any age.


For more details on the game, you can follow them on the official Facebook Page or stick around often!


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