Sevens Story – Popular Web-based Game Reboot for Mobile


WithEntertainment Inc, a subsidiary of Cygames has announced the launch of new(old) mobile game, Sevens Story (セブンズストーリー). The game is now available on Japan’s App and Play Store.

Sevens Story used to be a web-based game under the Mobage platform. The game was shut down in 2014 however, due to it’s quality, Cygames actually bought over the development company and now ported the game onto the mobile platform.

Sevens Story is actually a very simple tactics game. Players only need to press the big circle button in the middle and the game will auto-path your characters to the nearest monster to attack. Alternatively, you can move your characters manually for stages that require more tactical placement.

There are other side stuff you can unlock and do in the game such as farming your own crops and improving your relationship with your characters.

WithEntertainment Inc.


Android Link
iOS Link




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