Solidus – Soft Launch on Android Stores


iustice has soft launch the English version of Solidus. Players who are interested in the game can now download it from the Google Play Store.

So I was told to download the game by one of our Paoers and after what took like an eternity of downloading additional files, I was finally able to test the game. It took me almost 6 hours to patch the game as the app does not resume from where I downloaded so every time when disconnect, I had to redownload the whole thing which was only 400+ MB big.

After 6 hours of patching the game I was hoping to play a really good game but boy was I disappointed. The game had almost close to zero tutorials and I was left stuck not sure what to do next. The UI for the game is pretty messed up and not intuitive.

Rants aside, this is basically a city builder game with a some side-scroller RPG element. The combat side of the game was actually decent as you get to collect Waifus to fight for you.

If you’re into Waifus, city building and have time to slowly patch the game, you can give this a try. If not, this is definitely not something I’ll recommend.



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