Summoners War Celebrates 5th Anniversary!


Com2uS announced that the company’s global RPG, “Summoners War: Sky Arena” (hereafter Summoners War) will be holding a 5-year festival that consists of 5 different events.

The 5th anniversary event will be held for a total of 5 weeks until May 19th and players can earn plenty of rewards from the gameplay.

First of all, for the Monsters Skill Level Up Event, the first event to be held, players can earn a variety of rewards with points they acquire every day. They’ll also be able to use these points to skill level-up a default 4★ Monster of their choice up to 5 times.

Secondly, an event where players can get bonus Mystical Scrolls based on the number of times they purchase the Premium Pack will be held. Furthermore, from the 5-Year Special Hall of Heroes Returns Event which will be held for 3 days from Apr. 19th to 21st, players will be able to earn 5 different Monsters per attribute, including Fire Assassin, Dark Undine and more.

Starting Apr. 22nd, the 5-Year Special Check-in Event will begin and players can get great rewards, such as Rainbowmons and Mystical Scrolls, when they log in to the game. With the Bonus Point Event, the players can also acquire bonus points by the amount of Glory/ Guild Points they earn.

More info on the event can be found at the Official Summoners War Facebook Page.


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