Sword Art Online CR Event : Divine Bow (Updated)


This week, we will have another crafting event where players will be able to craft a special 3* bow. Time to grind your weapon skills!

Date :
8 Jan 2015

Maintenance Details:
Update New event
Server Maintenance

Event Details:
3* Bow/Axe/Knife Material Farming event.
Event Period – 8 Jan 2015 – 22 Jan 2015
Crafting Period – 8 Jan 2015 – 29 Jan 2015

3 Event Maps opened:
Fire – 刀 (Knife)
Water – 片手斧 (Axe)
Earth – 弓 (Bow)

Unlike the previous event, the current event’s weapon stats are much higher than the normal ones. I believe the current Hard mode is the toughest among all the past events. You will need every 5* unit you can get and carry lots of healing and buff pots along when taking on the hard mode.

3 Million Download Event!
Have you been storing your Friendship points? Well, I hope you do because from tomorrow until the 19th of January, login to the game daily to obtain 300 Friendship Points. From the 15th January onward, stand a chance to get a 5* Kirito card from the FP Gacha. The following cards are added to the special Friendship Gacha starting 15th Jan:

・【月下の黒剣士】キリト SAO – Kirito

・【暴走思春期】リーファ ALO – Leafa
・【響かせる銃声】シノン GGO – Sinon



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