Tales of the Rays – Now on Google Play Store


Bandai Namco has just launched the English version of Tales of the Rays on the Google Play Store. The iOS version had been sent for Apple’s approval and will be launched very soon.

In Tales of the Rays, Ix and Mileena are descended from a bloodline of Mirrists. Join them on an epic quest to revive their world, as they meet and learn from past Tales heroes. Explore dungeons full of treasures and deadly monsters across sprawling world maps. Meet characters from your favorite Tales games throughout the world and in limited time events, and enjoy fully animated cut-scenes with the classic soundtrack and music!

Tales of the Rays is a unique action-based mobile RPG. Instead of tapping on the skill icons to unleash skills, Players will need to slide in diagonal directions to unleash your skills. The type of skill is determined by the Weapon you managed to Gacha. You will then place the weapon on the respective direction which is used as a “hot key” to unleash them.

Stages are played in Exploration Modes where you’ll be able to uncover treasure chests and monsters. Characters are unlock by completing different chapters and you’ll be able to gacha the specific character’s weapon on different gacha banners.

What I like about the game is the storyline enhanced with the fully animated cut-scenes and voice-overs. I’m really glad they stick to the original Japanese VOs. Although the story is nothing really unique, in fact, it’s really just like any other Anime or JRPGs, but hey, that’s what JRPG is all about right?

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