The King of Fighters Allstar – Pre-Launch


Netmarble has announced the pre-launch for their latest mobile game, The King of Fighters Allstar. Players who can’t wait to play the can now download it from Japan’s App or Play Store.

Before we start talking about the game, do note that this is the pre-launch phase which means data may or may not be wiped. Netmarble will be making use of this pre-launch phase to monitor the balancing of the game and if there’s some major changed required, date will be wiped. The actual launch for the game is this Thursday, 26 July 2018.

KOF Allstar is a side-scroller Action RPG based on characters from KOF94 to KOFXIII. Players get to collect your favourite characters from over the years and these same characters have different skills or strength. For example, the Terry in KOF94 will have different skill sets or power compared to the Terry in KOF95. Rarity may differ too.

Controls are pretty simple. You got your virtual D-pad, some skill buttons and empty ones which you will need to gacha and equip. The game is actually pretty good for a fighting game. Now, let’s hope Netmarble releases this globally.



Android Link
iOS Link


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