Thumb Empires – Close Beta Coming 12 June 2015


Comic style strategy mobile game Thumb Empires will be having its Close Beta test this weekend and publisher 4339en will be providing tons of free gems for players to test the game. If you like strategy mobile games, read on to find out more!


Prepare yourselves for the greatest strategy war game! Train your troops and dominate your Empire!. Published by 4399en, Thumb Empires promises to be the next gen Strategy mobile game by differentiating itself from traditional strategy games.


Free Gems

Most strategy games give out gems through PVP ranking or quest. In Thumb Empires, players can produce you own Gems by upgrading the Tribal Hall to level 5, unlock the Gem Factory and assign one builder to produce the free Gems.



Unlike traditional strategy games where the PVE aspect is often overlooked, Thumb Empires work differently. There are 10 different scenes for players to conquer, a dungeon system where players will compete with other players in terms of damage output. The top Attackers each week will be rewarded with Gold and Mana. Players will have to decide which of the 20 different kinds of units to train and plan out the best route to deal maximum damage.

Now that your units are ready, its tie to conquer other enemy Warlords to earn daily tributes when you capture their Tribal Hall. Defending is just the beginning. Looting is the only way to expand your empire! Go forth and crash the other Empires.


Make Friends and Conquer the world!

The Friend system is somewhat interesting as not only can you bring your friends to engage enemies together, your friends will also be able to build defensive structures for you.
Thumb Empires will be having it’s Close beta this weekend. This is the best time to try the game and give the publishers your feedback on how to improve it!

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