Toukiden – Close Beta Test


Koei Tecmo Games has announced the Close Beta Test for their upcoming mobile game, Toukiden (討鬼伝 モノノフ). To attract participation, Players will be rewarded with 10 gems after the game launches if there are more than 1000 Players participating in this Close Beta Test. This CBT is limited to Android Players only. 

If you haven’t heard or played the original console version, Toukiden is a game very similar to Monster Hunter. Basically, you’re task to hunt demon monsters, collect their body parts and use them to upgrade your equipment.

I’ve tried the game for a bit and I must say that the game has been over simplified for mobile users. In the original console version, Players are required to make full use of the terrain to take down the demon monsters while for this mobile version, the only movements you can make is to dodge the demon monster’s attack by strafing left and right or jumping backwards. If you compare this to Monster Hunter Explore, the latter actually gives you more flexibility and control of your character.

For a mobile game, I understand that the developers wouldn’t want to create something too complex and time consuming but as a Player who likes challenges, Toukiden feels a little too “dump downed”.
The Close Beta Test period is from 13/3/2017 – 15/3/2017 JPT. You can download the app on Qooapp now.


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