Ultraman Puzzle Soul : Pre-registration


One of my favorite childhood heroes is going to be in the Puzzle world! Bandai Namco has just announced the pre-registration of their new puzzle game with Ultraman as their main theme.


From the screenshot, it looks like Line’s Pokopang game. Not sure about you but I’m definitely playing it!

kongbakpao_ultraman_game 1kongbakpao_ultraman_game 2


There are two parts to the pre-registration.

The first event is just choosing your platform, sign into your Bandai Account (can be applied with English text) and enter your email address. When the game launch, you will receive a code to redeem the Ultraman Father card.


For the second event, it’s called the Flying Gacha event. Everyday, you are able to Gacha 5 times and once you are happy with the loot, you can sign into your twitter account, authorise the APP and they will send you the code for the particular Card that you’ve gotten. Here’s what you can get from the flying Gacha
What are you waiting for? Go register now!! IT’s ULTRA MAN!!

Pre-registration: Enter e-mail
Flying Gacha


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