Valkyrie Anatomia – Basic Guide


Alright guys, as promise for getting 50 lucks on my Facebook page, I’ll be doing a rough guide for the game. Depending on the response I get for this, I may do more 🙂

Disclaimer: I’ll be very honest and say that I’m not familiar with the series and I can’t read Japanese so if there are any mistakes in the guide, please don’t fault me. However, please do point out to me the mistakes in the comment box below so that I can edit them and help out the newer players.

Basic Interface


Rank – Player Level
AP – Recovers 1 every 3 minutes
Gold – In game Currency
Gems – Cash Currency
Favourite Change – Change your favourite character on your Home Page Portrait and also act as the character your Friends can bring along for their Dungeon.


Character Page


Party Page


This is where you organise your party and equip your character’s equipment. There are 2 important sets of equipment in VA, Weapons and Runestones.

Weapon Page


Main Weapon – The main weapon your character will be carrying. Adds all stats indicated on the left.
Sub Weapon – 50% of the sub weapon’s stats is added to your character.

Runestone Page


Runestones are like Armor in other games where it mainly increases your defensive stats. Each different moonstone has it’s on passive ability such as Increase Attack, Increase Magic, Increase Elemental Damage etc. Also, each runestone belongs to 2 out of 3 elements. Focus on equipping 1 or 2 main element(s), will unlock special passive buffs for your character. The higher rarity the runestone, the more point’s it’ll give to the elemental bar.


Exp Beads


Besides the dungeon, you can level your character by consuming EXP beads.

Level Limit-Break


You can uncap your character’s level by collecting certain special materials.



Power Up Weapons – You can power up your weapons by feeding fodder materials from Daily dungeon or other weapons. Power up using the same weapon to increase the skill level of that particular weapon.

Power Up Runestones – Feed unwanted runestones to increase the Defensive stats of each runestone. The passive ability on each runestone is fix and scaled to it’s rarity. It cannot be increased by power up.

Weapon Level Limit-Break – You can unlock your weapons Level Limit by feeding the same Weapon to the current weapon. Each time you limit break your weapon, it’s max level will increase by 5.

Evolve Weapon – After unlocking your weapon’s level limit and maxing out it’s level, you can evolve your weapon to the next rarity tier.



The only place to get your high tier weapons for now.



Game Modes

There are 3 main game modes in VA; Story Mode, Events and PVP

Story Mode


In Story Mode, you can choose between Main Story or Side Story. The Main Story is … the main story. As you complete more of the Main Story quest, you’ll also be unlocking more useable characters in the game. As for the Side Story, the Valkyrie series is actually a very tell-tale driven game. However, for us Non-Japanese, this is a good place to farm those 2-3* runestones and increase the defensive stats for your character.



This is where you’ll find your Daily Dungeons and Weekly events.



PVP in VA is a little unique and least engaging. However, it is still very important for you to participate in PVP as this is a good source to acquire your Exp Beads, AP potions and Evolve Materials.

Ranking Rewards:


Exploration Screen


This is the exploration map for the game. As I mentioned before, Valkyrie Anatomia is a very AP-hungry game. Every action you take in the exploration phase cost AP. The good thing is that your AP can go negative for movements but not for scouting or healing.

  • A set number of AP is required each time you move your character from platform to platform.
  • You can spend AP and scout for hidden paths or extra loot on every platform.
  • You can spend AP to recover your party’s HP.

You can use crystals (once you collect them) to remove any thrash pack that is blocking your path forward.

The Fight


All you Valkyrie fans should be familiar with the combat system. As usual, the main aim for combat is to time your character’s attack and chain those combos. The number of turns each character can make is indicated at the bottom left of the portrait, while the number of times you can use skills is indicated by the number of arrows pointing upwards.

Limit Break Counter

To charge your limit-break counter, you will need to attack the Mobs for it to increase. The tricky part is that, you will need to expand all your character’s attack on 1 mob in a single turn even after he dies to prevent your counter from refreshing back to 0. For example, although it takes 2 hits for Mob A to die, you will want continue hitting and spend all your available hits on Mob A so that your counter will not go back to 0. However, at higher levels, you do not want to spend all your attacks on 1 mob and allow the other 2-3 Mobs to attack you on the next turn. To make things worst, half-filled combo counters will not be carried forward to the next pack of thrash. Eventually, Players must decide between keeping your Limit Break Counter or quickly taking down enemies to increase your survival rate for the Dungeon.


Options and Social


Social Menu



  1. Thanks for the guide! I heard AP is mainly use for life and you can just keep playing the game (which I hope its true cause I don’t like the stamina system). What is your experience on the AP system?

    • You can use AP to search for treasures too, how effective ? Probably not in lower level dungeons.

      Unless you are a whale then you probably just play the game for awhile and go do other things, if you hate stamina games then skip it.

  2. Would you mind if I used this as the basis for a wiki guide? I noticed that there are almost no English resources for this game, so I’m starting valkyrie-anatomia on wikia. It has no content yet – I’m working on setting up navigation and templates, as well as creating icons for use throughout the site. For now I’ve linked to this guide on the home page as a stopgap measure, but if I could port it to the wiki and use it as a starting point for more detailed guides, that would be great. I’d give credit, of course! It just seems silly to completely re-write the same information if it’s already out there.

    No problems if not, but it never hurts to ask 🙂

  3. Do you know where to find the materials to lvl cap raise of the characters? I hav 10 characters all lvl25 but i dunno where to find the materials they ask for to raise their lvl cap…

  4. i wonder how to use the fourth and fifth attack from each character.
    they have 5 attack moves in total right?
    in valkyrie silmeria, we can choose 3 from all attack moves from each character, i wonder how does it work in anatomia? anyone know about this?

    • I’m late on this but leaving for future reference. They’re obtained through certain orb skills that give a very small (1-2) percent chance that they’ll activate an extra attack for a turn. The two skills that I know of that do that are プラスワン and ノーブルレイディ

  5. Please do more it’s my favorite game franchise of all time. Could you translate the [(+)gems ] after you press that in english where it says 1990something 1something?Plz and thx.

  6. Hey, good guide, i have a question: i can’t collect the prices in my mail box is just don’t possible to click the buttons to collect the prices and only can click a button that says sonething about lose the ítems before 14 days, can you help me?


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