Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin – Now Live!


The gates of Valkyrie Anatomia has been opened, Players can now access the game and start patching your game data! If you’re living under the rock or haven’t been visiting my site, the game is out now on both Japan’s App and Play Store!

Valkyrie Anatomia brings Players back to the time before the events in Valkyrie Profile. The game plays very similar to Valkyrie Profile where each Character has a set number of actions per turn and Players are suppose to time them nicely to form those combo chains.

kbp_valkyrieanatomia_game3 kbp_valkyrieanatomia_game2

The game feels a little AP hungry as every step you make in the Exploration mode costs AP, even regenerating your HP cost at least 4AP. Thankfully, it only takes 3 minutes to regain 1 AP. As for the graphics, I’m sure many of you would have seen by now that the game is beautiful, as expected of a quality game from Square Enix. However, because of the beautiful graphics, my iPhone 6s got heated up pretty quickly so I suggest you guys to wear a glove before playing the game.

Personally, I’m not a fanboy for the Valkyrie series simply because I am bad in chaining those Combos. As for Valkyrie Anatomia, although the game has been simplified and optimized for the mobile scene, I believe the game still possesses the same quality from the Valkyrie series that will make fans unleash their wallets and swipe their Credit Cards for the next best weapon! Now… if only Square Enix will localize the game in English…

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