Velator: Immortal Invasion – Android Soft Launch


Red Sahara Studio has announced the soft launch of their upcoming mobile game, Velator: Immortal Invasion. The game is currently available on Singapore and Canada’s Google Play Store.

Join the Alliance of Velator in this Fantasy Team RPG to battle against the dreaded Immortals and save the Kingdom of Shunhyte! Velator: Immortal Invasion is an action-based Hero Collection game where Players get to summon humans, demons, angels, and other races to join your team to reclaim the Kingdom.

Those of you who frequent Korean games will find the game familiar. You lead a party of 4 and take on different kinds of challenges. Attacks are automated while you get to choose to cast your character’s skills manually or automatically. One thing to note, although the overall combat feels automated, you can however, manually move your characters to a more strategic location to avoid attacks or divert the enemy’s attention.

Depending on your device, you can actually adjust your graphic settings to make it more “battery friendly” or beautiful. The best thing is, I recorded the game from BlueStacks.

Red Sahara Studio


Android Link


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