War of Crown – Global Launch


Gamevil has announced the global launch of their latest mobile game, War of Crown. Players from all over the world can now download the game from your local App or Play Store.

War of Crown is basically a turn-based strategy RPG. Players will move your characters on the grid system and make use of the different terrain heights to deal additional damage to the enemies.

A single party is made up of 4 characters plus a Friend character. Each character has it’s own unique element which you must take into account when building your team as Elemental Affinity affects the amount of damage you can output.

What I really like about the game is it’s PvP feature. PvP in the game is real-time and players get to draft your party members like how you would in a competitive MOBA game. Counter-draft your opponent during the drafting phase can affect the outcome of the battle. Currently, the game is in Pre-season mode where all characters are automatically boosted to the max level.

The game does provide a decent storyline. It tells the tale of a Hero-King called Arwyn, who sacrifice his live to protect the world from the God of Destruction. However, the peace was short-lived as Men became greedy and war started breaking out again. To make things worst, something dark is lurking in the shadows. You’ll be playing as the main protagonist, Eshirite, the Child of Destiny who will defeat them all (with your gacha luck).

Anyway, the pre-registration campaign was a success and Players are given 300 gems right at the beginning of the game. Collect them from your mailbox now and start doing your first 10+1 pulls!



Android Link
iOS Link



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